Fitolog is all in one Fitness Trainer

Fitolog is all in one Fitness Trainer


Fitness is what every once requirement to enhance our life. From the earlier time to this modern era it holds an important place. Now with the technological environment, it is very much easy to track the fitness with the help of Fitolog App. It could be your personal intelligent trainer conveying the fitness tracking approach.

Fitolog Features:

  • Custom exercise creation
  • Sharing of the work out data with the Apple Health
  • Monitoring & recording of the body weight
  • 84 preloaded exercise
  • Creation of your own workout
  • 10 preloaded workout
  • Auto-renewable subscription approach
  • Enabling the user to create a workout music playlist

Working of Fitolog:

Talking about the working of this application. It is very much easy to use. The cardio exercise can be logged in two ways.  It will also allow you to record the distance & route at one place. The application will record the distance using a motion detector in case if you don’t want to use the location services. You can easily track the fitness performance using the graph, analyze the progress through a photo. If there is no progress, the activity will highlight warning.

Merits of using this app:

  • This app eliminates the using of multiple fitness apps
  • Easy & convenient to use
  • No user profile or the registration is required
  • Tracking of the fitness is easy

Last words:

Fitolog is a mobile application that can be used to analyse the fitness. It could be used at any time or anywhere. At last, I would highly recommend this application to all fitness freaks.




Fitolog is all in one Fitness Trainer Sunil Sharma
Fitolog is a fitness tracker app which helps in analysing the fitness progress. It is available for all age group users.
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