Follow your friends and do video calling with Clikq

Follow your friends and do video calling with Clikq


Video calling is that way through which you can feel the nearness with your friends and beloved. Here I will tell you about one app Clikq which is available at iOS. The main purpose of this app is to make friends closer through video calling and also by sending compliments.

Clikq Specifications:

The features of this app include its direct messaging feature. Other than this there is a feature to choose the topic before the starting of the live stream. A user can check the number of followers and the list of users you blocked. To get the latest update, there is a notification option. The inbuilt compliments enable the user to send the compliment in an easy approach. Feature to do group video calling which is its unique feature I like.

Using this application is quite easy but you need to follow your friends first to start video calling. Without following you will be not able to do video calling. Every time you do video calling, you will collect new gems. They also announce that they are giving 1000 gems for the first 5 million users.

I highly recommend Clikq if you really want to enjoy your video calling. It’s the great way to come close with your friends.



Follow your friends and do video calling with Clikq Sunil Sharma
Clikq is a social networking app which is basically used for video calling. Follow your friends and start your video calling on any chosen topic.
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