Fruits & Tots is a simple tap and play platform for kids

Fruits & Tots is a simple tap and play platform for kids


Fruits & Tots is a really awesome app for kids in terms of learning and playing. This game is offering the best of the platform for learning to kids. After accessing this application, I found this application very simple and easy to use. The main fun and attraction in this application are all about different puzzles which developers presented. From the name itself you can predict that this application is about fruit.

The main task for kids is to identify the fruit from the given picture. It will ask the name of fruit and kid need to identify that fruit and tap on it. Like this, it will also ask for color of the fruit, the size of the fruit and also an odd one from the presentation. So isn’t it easy?

With each correct answer, three stars will be awarded but for a wrong answer, only two or one stars as per the wrong answer attempting.

Fruits & Tots Features:

  • 2 new soundtracks for kids
  • Colorful combination
  • Cool graphics
  • Different puzzles

This game is mainly for kids of 2-5 age groups. The experience is really interactive with this application. In my opinion Fruits & Tots is a perfect game. Download this user-friendly application now and make your child learn about fruits. This application is also helpful in a test that how much your kid’s knowledge about fruits. At last, I would like to say I’m happy with this application.

Fruits & Tots


Fruits & Tots is a simple tap and play platform for kids Sunil Sharma
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Fruits & Tots is a kid learning application for the 2-5 age group. It is having different puzzles regarding fruits identification.
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