Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty

Does your kid love to spend time on your Smartphone or tab? If kids spend time on mobile, indeed they would have a list of selected games! Have you installed Painter Patty? If you use an Android-powered device with Android 4.0 and upper versions, this amazing game will support your device. Hedgefrog Software LLC has released Painter Patty game. The last update of this game was on December 29, 2017.

Painter Patty: An adventure game

Your kid would love to play this game! Painter Patty is an adventurous game. Join Patty is the main character of the game. The Join Patty is a house painter having superhuman abilities. Patty is on a mission to rescue her friends kidnapped by her evil sister in the game. The player has to guide Patty on the adventurous mission through several stages.

What you get?

The player has to guide Patty throughout different colorful and dynamic stages. Different levels in different locations like the desert, Tropical Island, the jungle and much more will keep the player engaged. The player has to guide Patty challenging her evil sister residing in a spooky mansion.

Features of the game

  •    The player has to guide Patty throughout 20 challenging stages.
  •    There are six colorful backgrounds with unique visuals in different levels.
  •    Patty has to combat with 15 different opponents having unique powers as well as weakness.
  •    Players will get support for achievements throughout different levels.


Painter Patty is a great adventurous game with engaging story, amazing functions and excellent features. Every level of the game comes with a new challenge and varying background themes gives the impression of realistic surrounding. Excellent audio quality adds up excitement of gamers!

Painter Patty is available free of cost on google play, and you have to pay small amount only $1.99 to turn off ads(in app purchase) which may be sometime annoying while playing this additive game.Your kid will get involved in this adventurous game if your kid loves adventures! With amazing music and engaging story line, even elders would love to try their skills in this game. The app owner has fixed the errors of the unwanted crash as per the feedback from the users. Download the Painter Patty game and enjoy the adventurous journey with Join Patty to rescue her friend from the kidnapper!

Get into the world of adventurous game with Painter Patty Sunil Sharma
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