Get the best of daily feeds with Hamara Dost

Get the best of daily feeds with Hamara Dost


This is a new trend to get the latest feeds at your door through the app. Recently a new app came in the market name as Hamara Dost. This app is all about the getting daily feeds based on your selected category. There are plenty of categories too. Subsequently, you can share the feeds with your friends too.

Hamara Dost Feature:

Coming on the features of this app, the platform is providing awesome features to the user. As per my experience, this app is really user-friendly and the reason behind this is all about its options. There is a free voice & video calls. You can call your friends or family member.  Companies can easily create their official account. With this, companies can send the mass message to those users who follow their account.

Talking more about the other features, there is sky eye which does not allow strangers on the app to locate you on this feature. There is also a special auto-deletion of the message. A user can easily select the timer which is 3 sec, 30 sec, 9 min or 12 hours for the auto-deletion of the message.

There is also WHAM – winning hearts and minds/ sadhbhavna which is all about supporting the society. It is not only giving the money through charity.

How to use this app?

To use this app, the user needs to register and make the account. Select the categories in which you have your interest. After that, you will get the daily feeds on the basis of the selected categories. This will give you the ultimate information related to the latest news and trends. Meanwhile, you can also share the post with your friends and family.

If someone asks me about this app, I would like to say that Hamara Dost is really good application and I think everyone must avail it.

Hamara Dost


Get the best of daily feeds with Hamara Dost Sunil Sharma
Hamara Dost is social app that provides the best of getting the daily feeds. One can select the category and get the best of it.
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