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Reading news is an important part of our daily activity as it gives us information which is happening in the surrounding world. Generally, we need to depend on the newspaper or the TV channel to get the information but now it is possible to fetch the news at any time.

Yes, its Volv app which helps you in getting all the latest information. This magazine app provides all types of news stories including world events. The main concept of this app is to summarize the article in 70 words that will give an important heading.

Features of Volv

  • Good user interface: The app is made with all good interface. It carries all smart interface for user convenience.
  • Read more features: You will have the option to read the article in a detailed form. Just click on the Read More option & the detailed article will be on screen.
  • Daily stories: Get the stories & news daily covering the different topics like science, politics, entertainment and many more.
  • Sharing feature: This feature will help you in sharing the article on different platforms.
  • Top publications: All the articles are from the top publications that give you the fine stories.
  • Flashcard interface: It’s having a unique flashcard interface that fits the 70-word story into one screen.

You can avail the features but to a limited number of stories in a day. To get unlimited access just become a member and upgrade your account.

How Volv works?

This news application works smartly. It’s having smart Artificial intelligence which gives you a different experience of accessing. To use this application, you need to make an account through signing up (If you are a first user). Before moving on, it usually scans 3 to 5 lines of the article. The main gist of the article is cut out and presented in 70 words or less. As a user, you could read at least 5 stories per minute. Also, you could read the article in a detailed manner by tapping on Click More features.

Why choose Volv?

This application is using artificial intelligence to present the information & news. It covers all the important topics which are highly considered. Its flashcard interface will fit the 70 words story into one screen. With the summarization, one could evolve himself in the least amount of time.

Last word:

Volv is the best platform in terms of getting the latest information. It is specially made for those who want to keep themselves updated. Smartly get the information.

Get the latest & summarized information with Volv Sunil Sharma
Volv is a news app that gives you the chance of a smart manner to fetch the article & information. It uses AI to present the information.
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