Get the typography with Photo Montage

Photo Montage


Do you like to make your picture something interesting and different? Photo Montage is there for this purpose. It is a collage application which is mainly used for adding text on photo, emojis and other effects. It’s available on the Google Play store and App store. The main purpose of this application is to make good-looking collages.

Photo Montage Features:

As far as if I talk about the features of this application, it carries out all the required features that make it a perfect application. There are lots of backgrounds & beautiful borders to add in the image. Other than this, there is a shadow for each photo, 100’s of HD resolution background, pic borders, and HD clip art. The other thing is that it is available in different languages. Make the art with emojis, fish, animals, & moustaches.

There are 50 collage layouts available in this application. It’s easy to share on the various social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr etc. There are more than 100 fonts in this application. You can easily change the size, color and font.

How to add effects on the photo with this app?

This application is easy to use. You only need to choose the image for which you want to add effects. After that, you can add any effect as per your choice. You can change the background, gradient color, add text to the image and any other gif as per the choice. After finalizing of the image, share the picture on the social media.

Last word:

Photo Montage is a nice application. It’s completely user-friendly and easy to use. I would like to highly recommend it. Download it and enjoy your picture.

Photo Montage

Photo Montage

Photo Montage


Get the typography with Photo Montage Sunil Sharma
Photo Montage is an image editing application. It is mainly used to make collage picture. The availability of the app is on Google Play store & App store.
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