Grab Food And Great Deals Using Forkspot


Forkspot is a mobile app that gives you on-demand discounts every time you walk into restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could save money every time you ate at a restaurant? How about if there was some magical way to see live discounts that were available at restaurants in your area instantly, the very moment you wanted to eat? Well, now there is! Introducing Forkspot, a revolutionary new mobile app, designed to help hungry users find current discounts at restaurants near them instantly! It’s completely free to use, and it will transform the way you and your friends decide where to eat when to eat and save money on the spot!

So how does Forkspot work? Well, it’s simple. First, restaurants near you create discounts on Forkspot. When you open your Forkspot app you’ll see those discounts on your map. It is now your decision where to eat based on the discounts and the type of food you are craving that day. Yes! It’s that easy!

But wait, here is the really amazing part: Discounts will automatically pop up on your screen once you step into your favorite restaurant. Say goodbye to printed coupons, silly door hangers and anything else in between. Awesome, right?

Stop waiting for happy hour deals and start paying less for the food you love! Download the Forkspot app, where every hour is happy hour!


Grab Food And Great Deals Using Forkspot Sunil Sharma
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Great deals
When it comes to finding ways to cut back on spending and saving a little more, most of us are guilty of overlooking the amount of money we spend on fast food and dining out. According to a survey, we spend more money dining out than buying groceries. There is no denying that eating out is a big chunk of every family’s monthly budget. Which makes it even more important to find ways to cut down and save some money. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to do that. One of them is using apps that help you find coupons for restaurants. Forkspot is a new restaurant app for both Android and iOS that connects restaurants and foodies by the best discounts, special deals and the most popular items on the menu to customers' as soon as they walk through the door. A unique feature which makes it better from other restaurant discovery apps is a ride-fare comparison between Uber and Lyft, so customers can easily find a cheap ride to and from their restaurants of choice. Stop paying more for the food you love! Download the Forkspot app, where every hour is a happy hour!
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