Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game For Kitchen Game lovers Its Free!!

Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game For Kitchen Game lovers Its Free!!

For all those who love to bake cakes and be a mini Masterchef, here is a virtual kitchen you can experiment and go mad in! Whether boy or girl, young or old, every person has a sweet tooth for that yummy desert that they just cannot deny! Complete with a lovable old grandmother in the shop, you can now bake cakes for yourself or send them to someone else as a gift! Whatever the occasion is, you can go nuts with Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game – wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes or valentine sweets, anything goes!

Here are a few of the features the app has to offer you –

• Wonderful, 3D graphics that will bake cakes & cookies that make your mouth water
• Unlimited number of combinations of cakes & cookies that you can make, giving you infinite gameplay aspects
• Cakes shapes and sizes of different varieties
• A variety of cake toppings
• Ability to take screenshots to be shared with all your friends and family
• Slide puzzle minigame
• Unlocking newer cake and topping combinations by earning more coins
• A user interface that is easy and simple

Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game will keep you occupied for hours on end with the wide variety of gameplay that it offers. You have a huge list of cake types to choose from; from the classic Cheese Cake to the delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Cake, you can bake a number of types as the customers in the shop ask of you! And the more you fulfill your customers’ demands, the more number of coins that you earn – the more the coins, the more the cakes and toppings that you can unlock and receive upgrades!

You can pick a number of toppings and cake dressings – go for a one storey cake or build an ambitious two full storeys! You can also decorate it with a number of toys and decorations – candy, cream, fresh fruit or even marzipan decorations! Add candles to be blown out or mini toys to make the cake look gorgeous and delicious.

What makes Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game different from all other baking games is that it offers you a real time, 3-dimensional simulation of a baking session! Complete with a lovable old granny who will guide you through the process, the game can serve as a mini-guide in baking and cooking in a virtual kitchen and all players will get a crash course in learning how to make use of a baking oven, mixer and virtual dough! Finish off with lovely toppings and experiment in conducting business by filling out your customers’ orders!

With a funky design and a user interface that is easy to navigate, Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game is the ultimate game for all bakers and chefs who would like to transfer their skills to a virtual kitchen!

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Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game For Kitchen Game lovers Its Free!! Sunil Sharma
There is a vast selection of game apps from the Android/iOS Store. Most games are linked to our hobbies and interests. Playing these apps allows us to do things that seem difficult to achieve in real life. Through these games, we can be fast and furious drivers, skilled basketball players, spacecraft captains, and a lot more. For those who love to cook, you can also become a professional chef with cooking game apps. These apps let you become a real and professional cook right on your Smartphone device. One of the cooking apps which help you in this is ‘Granny's Bakery ‘which is a 3d cooking game. This app a old granny who is expert in cake baking will bake amazing mouth watering cakes for customers. The more you fulfill the customer’s orders, the no of coins will increase for you and from these coins you can unlock new cake design &toppings. The app acts as a mini guide for you to learn how to bake cake and toppings. The game has a funky user interface which gives us a virtual 3D looks. Overall a much needed app for cake lovers.
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