Hike your vehicle value with Vehicles Cloud

Vehicles Cloud 3
Hike your vehicle value with Vehicles Cloud
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Are you looking for certified maintenance? If yes, then Vehicles Cloud could be your great cup of tea. The app is developed with the intention of providing an easy way to make the vehicle value high. It’s an easy way to share information with others & mechanics.

Main Purpose:

Coming on the main purpose of this application, it’s mainly useful for both vehicle owners and mechanics. With the help of this application, it is easy to share the vehicle information with others. Using this approach, one could get certified maintenance easily with the help of the mobile phone. For the mechanics, it is useful in making the profile and contact customers.

Vehicles Cloud attributes:

The app is fully featured with great functionality. It is having my calendar feature enable you to schedule an event. The notification feature will provide you the latest notification. To search for service, there is a feature of service points. Also, the graphics are classic & user-friendly.

The application is made with keeping customization in mind. It is up to you, you could hide or make the event visible. You can also add or remove users as per your choice. There is a garage section in which a user can add vehicle details.


The accessibility of the vehicle’s cloud is simple and easy. As a user, you need to add your vehicle to the garage. The identification of the vehicle will be through registration date, model number & identification number. The next step you could do is to adding photos & accessing the calendar to register & scheduling the event. In the images, you can add invoice copies & other documents. The searching of the mechanic could be done on the basis of location & distance.

Attaching the list is useful for spare parts & tasks. You could easily reuse the list whenever you want.

For mechanics, this app is also useful. As a mechanic, you could create a profile with your name and address. You can send an email, make a call to the customer. The event could be easily made visible or hidden.


  • Increase the vehicle utility& the value
  • Ensuring the safety of the user and other people on the street
  • Sharing of the information with friends & family is easy
  • With the help of a few clicks, one could find the mechanic
  • It’s easy and simple to be used


Vehicles Cloud is a classic app that makes it easy to plan vehicle maintenance. Now with just a few clicks, you could easily get the certified maintenance.

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