HWAD is nice reading and writing application

HWAD is nice reading and writing application


I love to read books and I am always seeking those applications which are about reading. Meanwhile recently I download one app name as HWAD. It stands for “How We Are Different”. The app is based on “How I Am Differentwhich is well-reviewed book Thom Kudla. The app is quite interesting one. Also, it having mood tracking feature which makes it ideal to use.


  • Making an account
  • There is an option to set your own profile
  • Feature to write every day entry
  • To set the reminder, there is a calendar
  • Option to set mood and emotion
  • Complete description about the reporter

How is it useful for me?

It’s useful for me in much sense. Now I am prompt for reading and writing with the help of reminder in this app. To read an entry from How I Am Different selected at random, there is reading roulette. It’s easy to compare the progression of Thoms as a writer for two years with your progression as a reader and writer.

Last Words:

HWAD is the best reading app that I would like to highly recommend. It’s very much user-friendly and useful for those who love reading and writing.



HWAD is nice reading and writing application jp
HWAD is a nice reading application which is based on Thom Kudlas well-reviewed book How I Am Different.
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