Jump and collect coins with the Beb Adventure

Jump and collect coins with the Beb Adventure


Do you like to take the challenge in the game? The Beb Adventure is waiting for you. It’s an Android game which is available on the Google Play Store. The approach is simple but you need to be careful. Simply don’t let your character fall down and collect the coins and stars.

The Beb Adventure Key Features:

There is a music option. For knowing the gameplay strategy, there is an instruction option. The game is full of colorful graphics and user-friendly interface. Arrow keys which move and jump the character. Additionally, there are different levels with different playing interest.

Playing Strategies:

There will be different platforms and on each platform, there will be stars and coins. Your main task will be to collect all of them. Collecting coins will let you unlock new characters and collecting stars will let you enter into the next level. Like this you will have the fun and enjoyment of the game. Mind it sure, that you don’t let your character fall down. The game will get over, if your character falls down.

Last words:

The Beb Adventure is really a classic run and jump game. I would like to recommend this game to all those who love to take a challenge. It’s full of fun and entertainment.

The Beb Adventure


Jump and collect coins with the Beb Adventure Sunil Sharma
The Beb Adventure is a game based on jump and run strategy. Jump from one platform to another and collect the coins & stars.
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