Keep your dynasty alive with Medieval Dynasty

Keep your dynasty alive with Medieval Dynasty


Do you like Middle Ages game? If yes then Medieval Dynasty can be your cup of tea. It’s a game set in the middle ages from 476 to 1492 AD. There are role-playing elements like simulation, intrigue & adventure. The main concept is to take the command, your majesty and maintained the stability of the kingdom.

Key Features of Medieval Dynasty:

  • Dynasty Hall: The summary of the dynasty can be checked here. The historical event can also get here.
  • Ranking: To access the hall of the most successful dynasties.
  • Statistic: The details can be checked including total years of experience, the highest achieved score &highest rank achieved.
  • Setting: Change the sound effect and music as per the choice.
  • New Game: Start your new game
  • Continue game: Continue with the existing game
  • Multi-language: This game is available in different languages like French, Chinese & Russian
  • Help option: Help option to know about the game.
  • Choice game: It’s a choice game, you have to plan the moves.

How to play?

The main concept is to keep the Kingdome stable and alive. To keep the peace in the kingdom satisfy the demands of your subjects and put yourself to the test through a series of historical events, dynamically connected to each other.
In every game, explore new content and face new challenges. You can enjoy many hours of fun back in the Middle Ages with over 4,000 rounds of this medieval game of strategy. Make choices, accumulate resources, and issue real decrees during each turn of the game. But mind it sure that this will all have an impact on the future of the king currently sitting on the throne&the longevity. Make a magnificent castle, make alliances, enlist the help of advisors and become the undisputed master of your dynasty. The whole thing is that you need to make the decision as an insane king or as a wise king.

Last words:

Medieval Dynasty is a medieval game. It’s an interesting game. Download it and play this game anytime or anywhere. Last but not least, save your kingdom and your dynasty.


Keep your dynasty alive with Medieval Dynasty Sunil Sharma
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