Kitty Hates Water iOS Game By Justin Leingang Full With Fun !!

Kitty Hates Water

Kitty hates water but it’s raining cats and dogs! Well, maybe it’s just raining really hard and dogs are blowing in the wind… That’s right, dogs are blowing in the wind! And the dreadful water is rising quickly!

Thank goodness Kitty has an umbrella…

– Hey, Kitty, stay out of the water and avoid the dogs!
– Use Awesome Powers to score huge points!
– Play as different cats!
– Complete engaging Challenges!
– Win rad upgrades — collect them all!
– Optimized for iPad and all Retina Display devices!
– Optimized for standard iPhone 6!
– Compete in Game Center with leaderboards and achievements!

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Kitty Hates Water


Kitty Hates Water iOS Game By Justin Leingang Full With Fun !! Sunil Sharma
User Interface
Touch Quality
Game Value
Kitty Hates Water app is designed for kids who likes kitty and want to play kitty games. This game specially develops for kids, who like to play tiny games. Parents install this app and give it to their children when they are bored or when they don’t want to play outside games. This game increases their mind by completing different-different level of game. Here, different-different levels are given which has to be cleared like you can select different kitty and play as different cats, complete engaging challenges and use awesome powers to score huge points. When you playing these levels you feel very good because its environment is very nice great user interface. Its worth for play
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