Lemon Tree – Interactive Books For Kids

Lemon Tree

Children’s books are known for their beautiful illustrations, with pages full of bright colors and descriptive pictures. The illustrations are key to keeping a child engaged in the story. Many may wonder if a child can get as much from an e-book as a book. The answer is yes, they can get just as much and more through reading books on an iPad. Not only can they read the story, but they can also interact with the book, making the story even more appealing. If you are looking for such kind of book for your toddler then lemon tree is great choice for you.

Lemon Tree — Interactive Books for Children is a library of books that you can personalize for your child. When you start a story, you’re asked to enter the names of your children, his/her friends, etc. Then all these names replace the original titles and it’s a brand new story every time for the reader. The app is a digital library of story books that your child would love to read and play a part in. The beautiful user interface and colorful pages will loved by kids and children.

We are passionate about getting children to read every day and what better way to ignite your child’s imagination than by making them the main character in the story?

  • Your child can be a Daring Dinosaur, go on a mission with a secret agent Teddy Bear or even be one of Santa’s Elves.
  • Read these fun stories and help your child discover the joy or reading.
  • Don’t delay – download today – your kids will love it!
  • Finally its awesome app for your kids !!

Lemon Tree


Lemon Tree – Interactive Books For Kids Sunil Sharma
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