Listen Best Music All Time With Classical Music I iOS App

Listen Best Music All Time With Classical Music I iOS App

Are you class music lover ? If yes then you should instal Classical Music I iOS App. This app specially design for classical music’s, it is the best collection in the world of musical masterpieces of all time. Using this app you don’t need any other app because it includes 150 best masterpieces of classical music. If you like music to listen than it is the best app for you, while you going for work, school, walking in city traffic etc then this app is for you!

Let’s talk about it features – This app Compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad, here you can listen the songs without an internet connection. It has high quality audio which is more than 12 hours of listening; it supports iOS 9 and iPhone 6s/6sPlus, it supports Speakers, Wireless AirPlay, Remote Control etc.

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– 150 masterpieces
– High quality audio
– More than 12 hours of listening!
– Favorite Playlist & Sleep Timer
– You can listen whenever you want without an internet connection
– Support Background
– Support Multitasking
– Support to iOS 9 and iPhone 6s/6sPlus
– Support to iCloud
– Support: Speakers, Wireless AirPlay, Remote Control
– Presence Wikipedia for information on artists
– Ability to play tracks in random or continuous
– Easy to use
– Functional
– Compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad
– Fully localized with multi-lingual support in 10 major languages

Finally i wanna say its full dose of entertainment. Get it now FREE !!

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