Listen unlimited free music from SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive with OneMusic.


Music is your life and you cannot imagine life without it? Then you should immediately switch to OneMusic and get rid of your old Music Player! Why compromise when the best has already arrived in Market? Yes, you heard it right, this year on 5th May 2017, AppBank launched this app with enormous features that promise to change your music experience forever! Due to its extensive features, the app occupies about 46.6 MB of space in its version 1.5. English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portugese, Russian, Turkish and Vietnamese are some of the languages that the app supports and due to the large variety, users have globally begun using it. It is compatible for proper use only on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iOS 8.0 or any future versions of it for proper functioning.
So, you tend to hear music while going to sleep and doze off before you can turn it off and find the entire battery drained out in the morning? OneMusic will let you have a peaceful sleep by setting a timer on it so that the song stops playing after the time that you set. When you fall in love with a single song and just cannot get over it, rely on the app to keep playing it again and again or let the app shuffle and play random songs from your list and remind of the old songs that you had almost forgotten about! There is a Bass Booster, a visualize to enjoy the songs in fun to watch waves and an equalizer with 20 presets you can try out yourself.

The app is available to use in two themes, Light or Dark as per the user’s preference. You can sync music from Cloud. You need not keep the app open all the time, it plays even when the phone is locked in the background. The music list is well sorted into the tabs classifying Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs and Genres, so that the user can choose the one Artist he wants to listen to or one Album of songs he wants to enjoy at a stretch by clicking just once. It also supports car mode and provides the user access to share their favorites with friends and family directly on Social Media. This new and easy to use app can be accessed in the full version at 2.99$.

Listen unlimited free music from SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive with OneMusic. Sunil Sharma
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