Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock

It’s really frustrating some times that our kids all the time stuck with a cell phone. Isn’t it? Are you also one of them then here I’m introducing you to one app name StudyLock. This app is all about preventing a kid to access phone by locking some selected apps & games. Your child can only unlock those apps by giving correct answers to some questions. It’s a new intelligent and smart way to teach your kids and give them some knowledge. It’s the best way to brush the knowledge of your toddler.

Some interesting features:

Different subjects: There are different subjects like Maths, Science, Literature, History and other scholastic subjects.   

Leader board: There is a leaderboard that reflects your Child’s progress and motivates him or her to do better and better.

Prize: There is a reward-based system to motivate children to use this app.

Emergency number: It’s for child’s safety. You can enter your emergency contact number so that child can call you in an emergency.

Progress Report: Parents can check the progress report of their child through logging into the parent portal. From this, they can check how many answers have been given correct and how many answers are given wrong.

Grading system: It is to track the Childs weak and strong subjects. These grades can be seen through parent portal and can also be getting through email.

Price and Availability: The app is free to download and it is available at Google Play Store.

Lock your child’s cell phones app and let them learn through StudyLock Sunil Sharma
StudyLock is a really useful app that every parent should use. This will prevent your child from being all the time stick to cell phone and help him or her to remain in touch with studies. Recommend this app to all my family and friends.
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