Loco is all about tapping and coloring images

Loco is all about tapping and coloring images


Do you like coloring? I’m sure your answer would be yes. Everyone loves to color and now it is easy to color anytime with the help of coloring app. There are so many coloring applications but Loco is the best of them as per my experience. It is available for the iOS platform. Its music option makes it unique as compared to the other applications. That means one can enjoy the music while painting. This app is all about tapping and coloring of the image. There are different images to color and show creativity.

Features of Loco:

  • All the features are customized
  • Music option
  • Feature to reset the color
  • Frame and filters
  • HD Quality images
  • Saving of the canvas in the My Artwork section
  • Sharing on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Other than this, there are different categories like Bird, Animal, Butterflies, culture, fashion, people, places, space, food etc.

How to use this application?

Just download and install this app as usual. After that, you will get different images. Just choose the image you want to color. Enlarge the image and tap on it to fill color. You can choose any color or any shade from the palette. While coloring, you can enjoy the music also. After completing the coloring, you can share it on social media.

Benefits of this application:

  • You can enjoy coloring anytime or anywhere
  • Fill the color as per your creativity
  • Enjoying music at the time of coloring
  • Make yourself stress-free

Last words:

Loco is the best coloring application. If you love to color images, you must go for this application. It’s having a treasure of coloring. At last, I would like to say that it’s the best application. Everything is perfect in this application.



Loco is all about tapping and coloring images Sunil Sharma
Loco is a coloring book application. One can enjoy the coloring of the image at any time or anywhere. Just tap and fill the color.
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