LoLA is all about getting the information on leagues

LoLA is all about getting the information on leagues


Do you like to have real-time statistics of the games you have played? If yes then LoLA is the best app for you. It’s available on the Android platform. It offers you all the information for your league positions where you belong. Additionally, you can know about the ranking in the leaderboard, the win rates and how much terrible you have been.

It’s a fantastic application for getting the in-depth knowledge on the league information. Additionally, you can also access the knowledge on your favorite champions. Get the storyline of their victory, lust of glory, dominion and power. Get the knowledge on key strength and attributes.

One can easily get access to the match stats such as K/D/A, Dominion player score, creep score in the particular interval. From this app, you can get the updates on who killed which champion.

How does it works?

To use this application, just download and install this app normally. After that, you can access the information as per your choice. You just tap on the screen as per your choice and whole information will be in front of you. You can get the direct access to the match stats, summoner stats for any given match.

LoLA Key Feature:

  • Supporting languages of the regions
  • Option to manage your account
  • Option to clear the database
  • Sharing of the application
  • Get all details of the item
  • Facility to download the image

Merits of this application:

There are real-time statistics including a good user interface. It will hold the details for you. The user can view match history & timelines. A user can use this app at any time or anywhere. It is a perfect package for predicting the details of all the games you played.

Different options to get:

  • Spectator option
  • Champions
  • League
  • Champion-mastery
  • My Matches
  • Shard
  • Lol DATA

It supports following regions:

  • Brazil
  • Europe Nordic & East
  • Western Europe
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Latin America North & South
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • Russia
  • Turkey

Last words:

LoLA is a fantastic application for getting the latest league information. I would like to recommend this app to everyone. Whatever happening in your region, you could easily get that through this application. One can easily get direct access to the match states. Last but not least, it is a perfect app for all those who like to remain updated with real-time statistics.




LoLA is all about getting the information on leagues Sunil Sharma
LoLA is the best app for getting the real time statistics of the games. It is the best way to gain insight the knowledge of league.
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