Make your child creative with Little Deer Engineer

Cover art Little Deer Engineer

In today’s time, most of the kids love to play mobile games through apps. But in my view, this fun should be along with learning. For toddlers, a new app has been launched named Little Deer Engineer.

The main purpose of this app is to provide fun along with the scenario of giving creative ideas. It’s all about a little deer who dream to be an engineer and make a paper airplane. The app is offering a way to teach the kid. It’s a safe way to make the all-round development of a child.

Features of Little Deer Engineer and the Paper Airplane:

  • Ear-friendly music
  • Cool graphics with the great color combination
  • Clear text to make it readable
  • Fully hand-drawn illustrations
  • An interesting story that binds the interest of a child
  • Different steam like engineering, art, maths, etc.
  • Kids friendly graphics and the concept

Story of the app:

Little deer lives in the Land of Willow Trees. He is a budding engineer and he also has a workshop, where he does research & build things. His friend is a monkey who is a mechanic, saw the real airplane in the sky. Knowing about it, the little deer decided to make the airplane with paper. He also gifted the paper airplane to his mechanic monkey.

How to use it?

The using of this application is easy & user-friendly. Kids just need to install it and tap on the screen to read the story. After reading a story, he or she will get the concept of the app. At the end of the story, there will be instructions given on the screen to make the paper airplane. Adults need to tell the story to kids and kids need to make the airplane. In this way kids of age group, 3 to 5 years will use the smartphone in a right way to develop the skills.

Merits of this app:

  • Positive effect on kids
  • Helps in developing the mental ability
  • Easy to understand & use
  • Clear instructions
  • Along with the fun, it’s providing a learning platform
  • It’s an interactive app so it encourages children’s to read

Availability: The app is available on the Google play store for Android devices.

Last word:

Little Deer Engineer is a learning app for toddlers. It provides a way of improving the development of a kid’s mental & emotional level. The app is useful so one must try it to grab good teaching.

Make your child creative with Little Deer Engineer Sunil Sharma
Little Deer Engineer is a mobile app that provides the platform for the development of child at mental & social level. It has interesting story.
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