Memorytrix- English Vocabulary App For iOS & Android Users.


Learning English Vocabulary and training your brain at the same time has never been easier! With Memorytrix English Vocabulary app, you can now learn and remember words easily using mnemonics and visual cues. In fact, the more you use the app, the more you’ll improve your vocabulary strength and cognitive skills that are critical to boost your productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Memorytrix products constantly push the envelope in the fields of memory based learning and, incorporates them in language training in the most productive way possible.

Users will find the following features very useful:

#1- The app completely controls your learning environment, and ensures that your learning experience is always challenging.
#2: Daily Verbal Workouts with visuals
#3: Game based revision: Thrilling and addictive games form a perfect bridge between brain training and vocabulary building, helping you recall words on the go.
#4: Spaced Revision to ensure you learn and retain lessons.
#5. Designed and developed in collaboration with experts: Comprehensive content coverage & updated wordlists ensures that users learn English vocabulary with the most relevant information at any point of time.

We found this app to be very simple, unique & effective. You can get it now for free on both IOS and Android platforms !!


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Memorytrix- English Vocabulary App For iOS & Android Users. Sunil Sharma
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