Milky Cookie is an addictive and challenging game

Milky Cookie is an addictive and challenging game

Playing difficult and challenging games are also sometimes enjoyable. There are so many games on my mobile phones but recently I downloaded Milky Cookie which is quite interesting. The main requirement of the game is to apply correct physics and draw the line. I’m playing this game and how I pass the levels I can’t share my feeling for the same. So you might be understood that how much the game is a challenging one. Let’s see some of the features.


  • Objects like Donut, Candy & Chocolate
  • Different levels
  • Real life physics
  • 100% free to play
  • Simple playing strategy and graphics
  • Sound and music

How to play the game?

The main object of the game is to draw the line and let the cookie go into milk. You need to draw the line in such a manner that with the help of it, cookie goes into a beaker of milk while collecting all the stars. Mind it sure that once you draw the line you won’t be able to edit it again. Also, there will be a limit to the length of the line. After drawing the line tap on click to start. There are total 100 levels and with increasing levels, the challenging level will keep on increasing. As per my experience, the game is quite challenging. I think it’s impossible to pass all the levels. If you draw the wrong line, the cookie will not be able to dunk in the milk and ultimately you need to replay the game.


Milky Cookie is one of the good games that I love to play. It is an interesting game that can make your addictive to it. Grab the enjoyment with this game. I must say, the overall concept is good. It can boost up the intelligence level of a child. I appreciate this cute game.


Milky Cookie


Milky Cookie is an addictive and challenging game Sunil Sharma
Challenging level
Milky Cookie is a challenging game which is all about real life Physics. It begins with easy and keeps on increasing challenging levels.
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