Mira’s Birthday Story is an interactive children story app

Mira's Birthday Story


Birthday excitement is something for which every child is excited. Here in this review, I will share my own experience about the app which is named as Mira’s Birthday Story. It’s a mobile app which is available for the iOS platform. This app is all about a girl character named Mira’s Birthday Story. Also, there would be many interesting activities like driving the bus, cleaning the bedroom and make the recipe.

How to use Mira’s Birthday Story App?

To use this app, just download & install it. After that, let your child do the activity. When your child switch to learn mode and when he or she will point to an object, the name will pop up and spelling could be heard. This will be like fun and learning. There will be different activities which your child needs to do. All these activities include of cleaning of the bedroom, driving the bus & making the recipe with all available ingredients. The stories are linked which will make the interest continue for your children.

Features of this app:

There are interactive scenes which are not only enhancing the visuals but they also help in sharpening the child’s logic. Drive of the bus without hitting the sidewalk. There is original music score which is played by the professional musicians. Each time, the readers will launch the application, they will have random variations. The learning mode will lead to child learn name & spelling of the objects. The graphics are in a realistic manner with attractive colors.

Last thoughts:

Mira’s Birthday Story is a mobile app that provides child’s stories. It is a user-friendly app that gives different kinds of interactive scenes & learning mode. At last, I would like to recommend this application to every parent.

Mira's Birthday Story

Mira's Birthday Story


Mira’s Birthday Story is an interactive children story app Sunil Sharma
Mira’s Birthday Story is a child’s application. It includes a learning mode, interactive scenes & music score vibrations.
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