MPPA Lite means making your building inspection easy

MPPA Lite means making your building inspection easy


As every process is transforming from traditional to technical, the property business is also joining hands with technology. Now it’s easy to inspect the building or the property with the help of mobile applications. Recently a new app is launched which is named as MPPA Lite. It is easy and very much user-friendly application.

MPPA Lite Features:

This application is very much user-friendly and also I found it’s a quite responsive app. This app does not need any kind of internet connection. There are some of the useful options like summary which enables the user to add information about electrical, structural & plumbing. There will be different dwelling type. A user can also rate and generate the checkers

How to use MPPA Lite?

To use this application, you need to download and install the app. Create your new inspection and add all the details in that like location, address, and photo. You can add an inspection date and time also. You will also get more options like interior and exterior for adding details of rooms and areas. You can also add a summary of your electrical, plumber and structural.

Benefits of using the MPPA Lite:

If I talk about the benefits of using this app, it will let your property inspection work easy. It is actually useful for both buyers and owners. If you are an agent, you can do the inspection of the properties you are interested in. In case, if you are homeowner then you can easily compare the home rate to your neighbors.



MPPA Lite means making your building inspection easy Sunil Sharma
MPPA Lite is a property app which is beneficial for both homeowners and home buyers. It leads to doing building inspection.
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