Out Focus Filter Editor is perfect blur effects adder

Out Focus Filter Editor

Do you like to add Blur to your picture? Here I am introducing you to one app named Out Focus Filter Editor which carry perfect features regarding adding the blur in the picture. The app is quite simple and has an easy mechanism which anybody can use.

As I love to do different experiment with my pictures, I found this app to be pretty useful. Apps features are the main reason behind this. So are you ready to know the features?

  • It’s quite simple
  • Different & vital blur effects
  • A perfect place of changing the ordinary photo into the point of attraction
  • You can maximize or minimize the effect
  • Add light mark effect to a night view photo
  • User-friendly graphics
  • You can save your edited picture  

The app is quite good for adding the blur effects in the images. Add your required blur and make them unique picture. If you wish only mosaic then this app is perfect

Types of blur effects:

Blur A, Blur B, Blur C, Glitter, Motion, Zoom, Edge, Mosaic, Hexagon, Point & Triangle.

Types of blur filters:

No, chrome, transfer, noir, mono, sepia, instant, process, invert & comic

Although the application is free to download but there is in-app purchasing of $1.99 for removing ads. Additionally, it is available at the Apple store for iOS only.

Out Focus Filter Editor

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Out Focus Filter Editor is perfect blur effects adder Sunil Sharma
Well to add blur in the picture you only need to simply upload the picture and tap on the blur options to experience the fun. Adding the blur is now easy with Out Focus Filter Editor app. Now simply downloads this app and enjoy blur fun.
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