Play Dino Car Battle and become driver warrior

Play Dino Car Battle and become driver warrior

I usually like to play battle games because I enjoy them more than any other games. Here I will introduce you to one game name as Dino Car Battle which is 3D classic game. The main task of the game is to drive the car and have battled with other cars and Dinosaurs. It’s full of thrilling actions and unlimited ammunition.

Coming to the features of the game, it is full of the realistic graphics and features. One of the great things is that it is having no advertisement and you can play it continuously. You can change the paint of the car. The scene is Arena Gladiator. There is no need to buy fuel, lives, ammunition.

There are 4 different gameplay scenes i.e. Airport, Harbour, Stadium and Gladiator Arena. 7 super sports cars and 15 powerful weapons. Moreover, there are no upgrades to buy. There are two weapons Seeker Gun and Raligun.

The availability of the application is on iOS. I really love to play this game and kill wild Dinos. The rule of the game is simple, kill or be killed. Remember, that in this battle you will meet a lot of enemies and armed cars.

So be ready to become a great warrior. Good Luck!!

Dino Car Battle


Play Dino Car Battle and become driver warrior Sunil Sharma
Game play
Dino Car Battle is a 3D battle game in which there is a battle among a player, cars and Dino. It is a furious and dangerous game.
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