Racing to Read makes your child perfect reader

Racing to Read makes your child perfect reader


There are so many applications which I downloaded before regarding for my kids. Recently I download one app name as Racing to Read. This application is available on the iOS platform. The main concept of this application is to let your child learn alphabets and words. It’s actually made for kids only.

The game is designed by two reading specialist who are experienced with the time of 40 years. So this application is very much suitable for kids. It is especially for making your work easy regarding teaching spelling and words to your child.

Racing to read features:

Talking about the features of this application, it is having colorful graphics, eight levels of activities and each of them is having rhyme at the end. It provides instant feedback. Multi levels with increasing challenge. Other than this the graphics of the game are colorful and accessibility is also very nice in this application.

Playing strategy of the game:

The playing strategy of this app is simple. First, you need to enter your Childs name. There will be image and alphabets on the screen. The main task of your child is to drag the suitable alphabet to make the complete meaningful word. In this way, your child will learn words and spelling with fun.


At last, I would like to say that Racing to Read is a nice application. It helps fully for kids to learn new words in a fantastic manner. I highly appreciate the work done in this application.

Racing to Read


Racing to Read makes your child perfect reader Sunil Sharma
acing to Read is a child’s learning application for reading alphabets. It is mainly based on play and learn concept and sepcially made for toddlers.
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