Ride the bike with Wheelie King 3

Ride the bike with Wheelie King 3


Mobile games are one of the best ways to pass the time. When anyone feels lonely they can play the game and refresh the mind. There is a different taste of users. My focus is mainly on the bike riding game and that is why I like Wheelie King 3, which is available on the Google Play. The game is available for all aged persons.

Features of Wheelie King 3:

  • Different challenging levels
  • Leader board to compare the performance
  • Option to set the graphics
  • The choice to sell the bike
  • Online ranking & achievements
  • Various types of maps
  • On & off option of mute
  • Facility to get the coin
  • No internet requires to play this game

How to play:

To play this game, one needs to download and install the app. Choose your own challenging track and then tap on the accelerator icon. For doing stunt tap on the up &down arrow. Avoid your bike to get hit with an obstacle or get fall down. For moving the bike right or left, just tap on the screen respectively. You will earn points on doing drifting and bonus on doing the stunt. Ride the bike carefully.


Wheelie King 3 is the best bike riding app. All the game lovers must try this game once. All the game freaks must try this app once. Thanks for the reading.

Wheelie King 3

Wheelie King 3


Ride the bike with Wheelie King 3 Sunil Sharma
Game play
Wheelie King 3 is a game of bike racing. It’s a free and good way to pass the time.
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