Scroll faster, better and smoother on iPhone with FasterScroll

Scroll faster, better and smoother on iPhone with FasterScroll

This simple safari extension lets you scroll really long pages faster and smoother. If you are tired of scrolling really long websites like Facebook, Youtube, Google etc. get FasterScroll.

To setup FasterScroll use safari to go to the website you want then tap the share icon. Scroll the last row of grey icons all the way to the right tap more and turn on FasterScroll then tap done. The grey FasterScroll icon will show in the list.

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Scroll faster, better and smoother on iPhone with FasterScroll Sunil Sharma
Fast scroll
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FasterScroll is an interesting app to scroll page very fast way in your browser. This app is very useful for any browser to get information in very fast speed with its scroll feature. This is very cool features for those peoples who love to get and read more and more information from online. If you are very addicted for internet searching and always spend your too much time on internet to read more logs and story or news then it’s so helpful to you to do your work very fast with festally scrolling page. This app support in safari app, when you get this app then uses it in apple safari browser to get fast page scroll. Everyone likes to stay connected with his social media network to build it and get entertainment. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, you tube etc all websites have so many information on these pages and have traffic so it’s to difficult to scroll festally. This problem will be resolved after using this app. Its helps to page scroll very fast. For news readers and writers or story readers this app very helpful to read information speedily without any freeze problem. Well FasterScroll app is also helpful for time saving with fast scrolling feature
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