Seeka is the best place to grab global information about courses

Seeka is the best place to grab global information about courses


It happens many times that we get ambitious and for better higher education we migrate to another place beyond our nation’s boundaries. However, there are so many courses available but we don’t have any idea of those and especially in the case when we dream for abroad. In such condition we want guidance and for that Seeka can be great in use. It is a normal mobile application available on Android and iOS both.

The main purpose of this application is to give the complete information about the online course. One can easily browse and explore over 1 million courses globally. It doesn’t matter that whether you are looking for a course in the local area or abroad. This application is helpful in both cases.

Seeka Key features:

  • You can add your hobbies and interest
  • City tour virtually
  • Videos and images associated with education provider
  • You can compare up to 10 courses and their provider at the same time
  • Option to apply for scholarships
  • Filter for doing an advanced search
  • Print option to get the printout
  • Notification for getting deal & discount
  • Explanation about the visa applying to each country

This application is having different benefits for students and education provider as well. Let’s see the same here.

Taking the consideration of students, this application is easy to use as it is user-friendly. The student can easily save favorites courses and places and make the shortlist. They can also review and compare. It is a stress-free way to get all the information about different courses all over the world. If you are a student you can enroll yourself in the course and you can use them later on.

If I talk about the education provider, they can create their own marketing campaign through a partnership with this platform. They can create beautiful ads on this platform. Also, you can offer discounts and scholarships to the student.

If I talk about me, I get very good information about the abroad courses. Seeka is really a good and useful application. One can avail a lot of benefit from this platform. So are you planning on studying abroad? Then download this app and get all the information.




Seeka is the best place to grab global information about courses Sunil Sharma
Seeka is an app provides all kind of courses information all over the world. Explore over 1 million courses from institutes in 36 nations.
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