Social And Mental Health Matters: An App That Knows It Well

Social And Mental Health Matters: An App That Knows It Well

Team of Feelu wanted to create something that would nourish the child. In the ever-growing fast world, there has to be something that would encourage a child to have moral values. Feelu is the product of brainstorming done to help kid evolve as emotionally balanced personality.


  • Interactive as well as informative: Your kid will love when you will help him/her explore the new world of feeling. We understand each child needs something creative and very attractive, the feel and designing of Feelu are to keep the interest of children and help them know and lean in the play way manner.
  • Game along helps to keep the fun along: Games are an interesting part of any app for any child. Hence a game to help kid know the different types of emotions they display will help them make aware of various outcomes.
  • Mindful meditation: a new approach: Helping to enforce the habit of meditation and practice peace is very necessary. Sowing the seeds right when it is needed is the right way of doing things. We know this right and thus Feelu has incorporated this right feature in it.

Last words:

Making kidmindful and grateful is very necessary for this era. While the world is busy helping kids come out with a great career and possibility of achieving every kind of heights, Feelu tries to be sensitive thereby helping kids to be entrusted with morals and value necessary in life.

Social And Mental Health Matters: An App That Knows It Well Sunil Sharma
User Interface
If the development is done right, there won’t be any need of helping them with counselling later to deal with various emotional stress. Helping kids to back off bully, be mindful and provoking them to be grateful are few things that app works with your child on.
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