Sudokids: Newest platform to play Sudoku

Sudokids: Newest platform to play Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the oldest games that come in the category of Challenge. It is based on tricks & play strategy. Earlier it was played with pen & paper but now you can avail the game on your mobile. Thanks to newly launched application Sudokids. The application is all about Sudoku game that everyone could enjoy.

This game could be played by kids & adults. With this game, one could hike logical thinking also. Also once you get friendly with this app, you will defiantly start loving it. It’s a challenging strategy and specially made for those who love puzzle challenge.

Key Features of Sudokids:

  • Simple Gaming: It’s simple to understand and also playing once you get the concept.
  • Everyday challenge: On a daily basis you can enjoy the challenge. You could achieve new heights.
  • Sudoku Battle: A real challenge is always when there is a competition between two players. The battle feature enables the player to avail the real challenge.
  • Register your name in the ranking of the world: See your name in the list of top world ranked.
  • Multiple levels: You can enjoy multiple levels. There are different square sets like 9×9, 6×6 & 4×4.
  • Eraser function: In case if you made some mistake, don’t worry you can make the correction.
  • Cool graphics & UI: The user interface is made easy to bring out a good interaction.

How to play?

The main concept of this game is to enjoy Sudoku. When you will open the app you will get the initial level. Just fill out blocks with numbers in such a manner that the series get fit into every section. When you will clear one level you will be promoted to the next higher level. In case if you made any mistake, you can easily edit and make it correct.

Bottom Line:

Sudokids is a challenging puzzle yet interesting to play. It is specially made for those who want to boost up their logical thinking. To enjoy this puzzle game, just download it! Thanks for reading.

Sudokids: Newest platform to play Sudoku Sunil Sharma
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