Take a Bike racing challenge with Drag Bikes

Take a Bike racing challenge with Drag Bikes


Do you like bike racing game? Well, 90% of people like it because bike racing games are having a different kind of importance and fun. Here I will introduce you to one game name as Drag Bikes which will be released on 11th Nov this year on Google Play Store and iOS app store platform as well. It will be all realistic game approach.

In this bike racing game, the main concept is to defeat your opponent. Rather than a variety of opponents, there will be only one opponent. The view angle will be in one direction and there will be a speedometer which will show you the speed of your bike. Let’s see some of the features of this game.

Features of Drag Bikes:

  • Customization & up gradation of motorbikes
  • Realistic graphics & sound in the game
  • Option to sell the bike
  • Shopping cart
  • 500 Challenge levels
  • Online Leaderboards to compare your performance
  • Varieties of bikes to race
  • Responsive game user-friendly control
  • Different opponents to choose
  • Different colors & designs available for the bike
  • Automatic and manual gears

How to play the game?

To play the game, first download and install the game. After that choose the bike through which you want to take the race. Initially, you will get only one bike as unlocked. Other than this you need to choose your opponent and then ready for the race. You need to hold the clutch and tap the gas button. Then release the clutch to get into the race. Like this, you will be able to win. Mind it sure that you need to defeat your opponent and for this, you need to keep your bike in speed in order to reach the finish line. After gaining good scores, you will be able to unlock other bikes and more opponents.

It is very much addictive and realistic game. If you are a perfect gamer then this game is your cup of tea. It’s a free racing game so download it and compete your opponent. Moreover, give your 100% attention to get a win over the race.

Final words:

Drag Bikes is a good bike racing game but it requires a good attention. It’s perfect to kill your time and grab the enjoyment. This game is a perfect place for those who love bike racing mobile game. It’s a quite simple and realistic game. Try it once, you will love it.

Drag Bikes


Take a Bike racing challenge with Drag Bikes Sunil Sharma
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Drag Bikes is bike racing game with a realistic graphics. Defeat the opponent with your skills and attention.
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