TextMail is the best way of Replying in an Automatic way

TextMail is the best way of Replying in an Automatic way


Text message is very much important for conveying any message. Meanwhile, it is also very much important to send the reply to the sender. But sometimes we are busy and we are not able to send the message. In such situation, there is a need for automatic replying and thanks to TextMail which made this work easy.


  • Facility to customize messages
  • Facility to check the sent messages through message log:
  • Modify the changes through settings options
  • User-friendly
  • Good Graphics

Working process:

The process is very easy. Anyone can use this app. There are three modes which a user can use as per choice.

  • Auto-Reply Mode: Using this mode, you can reply at defined time intervals with the customized messages.
  • Driver Mode: This enables your sender to get a notification that you are driving and won’t be able to reply.
  • Out of Office Mode: This mode is made when you are out of office for the longer terms.


TextMail is a good and useful application that anybody can use. No matter whether you are using it for professional or personal it’s for everyone. It’s helpful in every mean. Thanks for reading my review.




TextMail is the best way of Replying in an Automatic way jp
TextMail is a good application for all. It’s the best way for auto replying of the message in the convenient mean.
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