Tiki Kart Island is fast pace game

Tiki Kart Island is fast pace game


Racing games are having a different kind of place. Many people like these platforms to grab entertainment and fun. I am also on the same list. I played many platforms but Tiki Kart Island is a game which I like to play in my spare time. This game is fast and full of adventure. The game is developed by focusing on all the good features.


  • There are total 60 campaign locations
  • Get treasure, there is real-time online multi-players action
  • There are 100 of crazy things like themes, ramps, boosts, loops
  • Upgradeable racing kart
  • Upgradeable weapons like Ice Nuke, Totem Rammer, huge mine Banana Peel, Monster and mores
  • Create the amazing tracks
  • Finding of blueprints to fun
  • Good colorful graphics
  • Changing of viewing angle
  • Map to get the navigation of location

Playing Strategies:

The playing strategy is simple but quite challenging too. There will be kart and you need to control that. Make sure that kart will be on track. Try to collect things.

One thing which I like in this game is that if the kart goes in wrong track or in sea then automatically it comes on track. The other point is that animations are really wonderful. It seems like real beach and real scenery.


Tiki Kart Island is fast pace game jp
Game Play
Tiki Kart Island is the best source of passing time and grabbing of lots of fun. I would like to recommend this game to everyone to my nearest friends. Become a Tiki Builder to win prizes.
User Rating: 4.8 (2 votes)
By jp

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