U-Nest is the best place to save money for child’s future

U-Nest is the best place to save money for child’s future


Every parent in this world worries about their Childs future and that is why they start planning for saving in order to make the future secure. Here I would like to introduce you to one application which will help you in making the saving strategy easy and convenient. The name of the app is U-Nest which is available on the iOS platform. The main object of this app is to manage a tax-free college fund for your children.

It is working on 529 College Savings Plan and as per experts, it is the most optimal way to save money. One of the interesting points in this app is that experienced & financial expert team backed this app.

U-Nest Features:

  • Easy to the setup of account – Within a five minute you can set up the account
  • Tax-free growth – Say goodbye to all worries of your child’s future. The investment will be tax-free.
  • Simple and fast – Viewing of the account balance is easy and the managing of the transaction is also very much easy.
  • Secure – It is using the strongest browser encryption to keep the sensitive data safe.
  • Personalized goals – With the help of U-Nest College calculator, you can choose the right amount which is right for you.
  • Flexibility – The working process of the application is easy and flexible.
  • Manage by Invesco – Invesco which is one of the best USA based investment management firms manage all the investment.

How does this application work?

First of all, you need to make the account and sign up with all the details. After that, login with your email ID and password. It actually ensures that your money is invested in the smallest possible way. With U-Nest you can also adjust your monthly contribution at any time. It starts saving for your kid’s future with as little as $25/month. It makes saving and investing for every income group easy. When the plan will be made, the app will securely link to the bank account to transfer the amount for each month.


It actually charges a simple advisory fee of $3 per account. The fee will be collected by the same method of payment as selected for the investment contribution account.

Last words:

U-Nest is the best way to save money for making a child’s future safe. With this app, one can get the right direction of saving. As a true user, I can recommend this application to everyone.



U-Nest is the best place to save money for child’s future Sunil Sharma
U-Nest is a mobile app that manages tax-free college fund for your child. The savings can be started with little $25 per month.
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