Unique secure video recorder & password protection app for android 

Unique secure video recorder & password protection app for android 

Secure Video Recorder is the first and only app for Android capable of recording videos protected with passwords. The best part of this unique app is its secured access for users to transfer and store these videos anywhere including remote servers and cloud vaults for later and further use.

Now everyone can record personal videos without fear of prying eyes.


▶ Easy recording of protected videos. The app allows you to easily record protected videos, just tap on the record button, choose which camera to use (front/back) and save the video when done. Each video is password protected and you control the strength of the password.

▶ Strong encryption. Even if your videos are illegally accessed, no hacker will be able to decrypt them as they are protected with strong AES 128-bit encryption.

▶ Dynamic recording details. You can easily switch between the front and back camera when recording videos. Each camera has different preset resolutions and during recording you’ll see the video recording settings dynamically shown – duration time, video resolution, current size and total available, overall bitrate.

▶ Fast transparent encryption. The implemented algorithm uses highly optimised native code for the particular device CPU architecture.

▶ No temp files are used. The recorded video stays encrypted all the time, the data are decrypted in memory only for playback purpose.

▶ Password strength control.

▶ Integrated video player.

▶ Separate profiles for front and back camera with adjustable frame size

▶ Hardware accelerated video encoding and decoding

How to use the app:

This is a user friendly video recorder app, which is easy to use even for beginners. Users can enjoy preview of a video recorded and the recording process.

▶ Users need to create a password.

▶ The users will be given option for selection between front/rear cameras.

▶ Once ready, user needs to click on the red button.

▶ Recorded time will be displayed: max time 5 minutes.

▶ Current output size will be shown at the left.

▶ Zoom level can regulated.

▶ The video recording can be stopped by tapping on start/stop button.


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Unique secure video recorder & password protection app for android  Sunil Sharma
Security is an essential part of our lifestyle, whether it is personal security or security of our assets. From basic locking system to hi-tech security and surveillance systems, we spend a fortune to ensure our safety. One of the most common fear which we all have is to secure our video of mobile or we can to that our personal videos recorded on phone. If you are in search for security or lock files app for any particular reason, then you don’t need to spend time to search such apps. Secure Video Recorder is a best solution for you to secure all your personal or professional video with passwords. The app has unique feature to protect all videos with password and you can record your next video with password so no one can open it without your permission. It encrypt the video with 128 bit strong encryption. Get it now its free !!
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