Workout motivation is in your hand with Music Momentum

Workout motivation is in your hand with Music Momentum


There are different apps which provide a platform for workout music. Music Momentum is one of the apps that provide this platform. It’s not itself providing the music but it enables the user to add music of his or her own choice. Additionally, it also enables the user to input TMS i.e. Target Minimum Speed and then make the comparison with target speed.

Features of Music Momentum:

As far as if the features of this app are considered. It is having a statistic feature through which you can review all your session statistics within the app i.e. time & speed. One can check all the data. There is a music library for accessing the music. There are music slow Mo, vibration and animation like features. Its having no advertisement. Its unique feature is Music Slow Mo through which when the user drops below their target speed, the music will get slow down and get half in speed. To get the music back to normal speed, the user needs to accelerate their pace.

In the music library, you can add up to 10 songs and there will be 10 playlists in the app. Like this, you can have total 100 songs and you can edit at any point. The name of the playlist can also be edited at any time.

How to access this application?

Download the application and then input your own TMS. In this way, you can compare your current TMS with target TMS. Whenever the user will slow down the speed it will notify the user. Meanwhile, you can also choose your own music. It is also useful in half marathon. The best thing is that it does not contain any advertisement.

What makes this app different from other?

In this app, you can easily compare your current TMS with the target one.This will enable you to get the comparison and if you slow down, the app will notify you. In this way, you will get the motivation also. Secondly, it’s not providing music to the user but it is providing software through which you can input your own music.

Last words:

Music Momentum is a unique fitness app. It enables the user to input TMS and gets the motivation. Every fitness freak must use this application once. Get your workout motivation in your hand.

Music Momentum


Workout motivation is in your hand with Music Momentum Sunil Sharma
Music Momentum is a fitness music app that provides the software to input TMS. A user inputs his or her own music to make a playlist.
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