Yapa is a sober social network to share the emotion

Yapa is a sober social network to share the emotion


It is important to have good mental health. For this purpose, sharing of the feelings playing an important role. Sometimes it is not easy to share the feeling and for solving this problem, Yapa is here. It is a normal social networking platform at which any person can share the feeling or mood easily.

Features of Yapa:

  • Facility to send Yapa, depending on your mood
  • Connecting with friends
  • Chatting with friends
  • Searching option to search your friend on the list
  • Social chat platform & emotion sharing
  • It doesn’t allow the user to share any photo
  • Easy way to get connected with closes friend or celebrity

How does it works?

This application works in a simple manner. When you will download the app you need to make your own registration using the phone number. Once you are done with the registration, your ID will be created. After that, you can have a conversation with your friends as like any other normal app. After that just have a chat and share your own feelings. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling. You can simply send a Yap.

How does it help you?

This application is a social networking app but it provide the user to share out the feeling or the mood. One could send the Yap according to mood.

Last words:

Yapa is the best social networking app that provides the platform for sharing the chat and emotions. In case if anyone wants to find the best company about sharing feelings, then you can go for this app. It’s really a nice app.



Yapa is a sober social network to share the emotion Sunil Sharma
Yapa is a mobile app that provide the social networking platform for sharing out the feeling and mood.
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